Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Eden Beauty

It started like any other day. I was just sitting in the station sipping on a cup of coffee imported from null-sec. I studied my datapad wondering what ship to fly today. Hmm, Rifter? Nah too overused as it is. "Well" I thought, "I have this Daredevil I haven't flown very much, lets take it for a spin".

As I cruised around the familiar systems, nothing really wanted to look at the ship up close. Can't blame them though. This mini beast puts out a whopping 330 DPS with only 2 small blasters. Combined with a modified afterburner and a special webbing system, its quite the killer. After finishing up my usual rounds and finding nothing, I decided to take a little trip to somewhere I have only been once, New Eden. It was a quite uneventful trip, system after system void of any capsuleers. Sometimes one person would show up only to be docked at a local station doing Lord knows what.

Eventually the New Eden jump gate came into view. I ordered the ship to jump and closed my eyes. AURA informs me that we have reached our destination. I open my eyes and behold the splendor of the New Eden wormhole. So dominating in the view, almost like a binary star system. I have my camera drones save a few images to remember the trip.

I go to the planet and shut down the ship to make another cup of coffee, boy that is some good coffee! When suddenly there is a signal on the local beacon. Another capsuleer! I fire up the ships systems and start the directional scanner. It looks like a Hyperion class battleship has jumped in. Doing a quick background check it looks like she has been a capsuleer for around 6 months. Considering my options, I quickly decided to engage the battleship if it approached. And approach it did! The battleship dropped out of warp a mere 3km from my frigate.

Microseconds later the battleships' warp core was disrupted and she deployed a flight of 5 Hammerhead IIs. Being so nimble, my ship avoided nearly all of the drones shots while I quickly dispatched flight after flight of them. With the only real threat to me now gone, I focused on the top of the line battleship. Its large turrets had no chance to track my frigate and the pilot was doomed unless some backup arrived.

As I pounded the shields, I noticed they were going down very slowly. This pilot has fit a shield tank on this Gallente battleship. "What a disgrace" I muttered, "makes my Gallente brothers look bad". I put a ransom offer in the local channel. "100 million ISK to live". The pilot responded with "How about we wait for my corporation". "OK" I said knowing any help would be too late by now as her shields were nearly down. "Divert more power to the guns!" I yelled at AURA, "We need to make this quick just in case". After about another minute the battleship started taking heavy armor damage. The pilot asked nicely for me to stop, as she would pay the ransom.

After making sure the ISK was all there I let her go as I agreed. I took one last good look at the wormhole and headed out. I decided to keep roaming around in this unfamiliar area and about an hour later there was a call on the corporate network asking how far away I was. Well it looks like its only 2 jumps and I headed over right away.

As I arrive on the scene, A hawk caught a Maelstrom class battleship in an asteroid belt and backup was incoming. I race in to help my co-worker take down the battleship when a Moa class cruiser showed up just before I came out of warp. We quickly dispatched the Moa and focused on the battleship. Maelstrom battleships are known for their extremely powerful shield tanks. However with both of our heavy hitting frigates it dropped like a rock and soon Commoner put a ransom offer for 100 million ISK into the local channel. The pilot accepted. We later learn that the Maelstrom pilot was the CEO of the corporation the Hyperion pilot is part of. Being caught in such a way must make his employees question his leadership abilities, but that is not really my concern. Commoner split the ransom 50/50 and we had a good laugh about the whole thing for quite some time.

My coffee started wearing off so we parted ways. I headed back toward home having enough action for now, while he headed off to an unknown destination with both our wallets a bit fatter than before.

Here is a background for you guys with widescreen monitors. The only size I do is 2048x1152 as this is my desktop resolution. However it is the same aspect ratio as a 1920x1080 (1080p) and will scale down nicely

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