Monday, January 17, 2011

Oh Noes! I'ma Carebear!

Ah finally! The holidays are over! Plex prices are dropping (finally) while everything else skyrockets. Not entirely unexpected with the recent skill point refund I guess.

To help pay for my PLEXs, I trained up my industrial character for a tengu. I could have done a nighthawk or even just a plain 'ol Raven, but I demand more. I want something that can run missions, ninja rat/plex in nullsec and raid wormholes on a whim. Its a lot to ask of one ship but the Tengu is up to the challenge.

I set out to find a profitable faction to work for, I choose one that has a high quality agent close to home. In the past 3 days, I have earned about 400 million isk doing level 4 missions. What this means for me; is that I can carebear a few days a month and have enough ISK for PLEX for both accounts. And if I want to take it a bit further, I can afford more battlecruisers to play with or even a faction frigate or two.

Ratting in nullsec was far less lucritive. Producing only 50 million or so per day. But I kept getting frigate and cruiser spawns with a seemingly very rare battleship. I believe this is due to the true security status of the system I was using.

The missioning combined with piracy is very good for the wallet, just today I caught another Vagabond with my Taranis. Got 100 million out of him before his backup arrived. Don't worry though, I got away unharmed and with a fatter wallet.

And there is another way I have been producing ISK, trading. Missioning, Piracy and Trading is like the holy trinity of tackle. It just makes sense once you try it. Best of all it doesn't take a lot of time to trade. Most cases my orders are filled and resold in a day or so. It doesn't make a ton of ISK with my low number of products but it does produce.

While I cannot offer any advice with trading, Missioning, if done right is a solid time investment. The trick is to find a faction with a good LP/ISK ratio item in their LP store. Just have to be careful not saturate the local markets with said item, or the prices will drop quickly.

Good luck with your ISK making efforts. Lets hope for a quick and painless patch tomorrow.

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