Monday, March 14, 2011

The Noob and the Myrmidon

Anybody who knows me, knows I love frigates. LOVE EM.

In recent times I have maxed out subcap drone skills and my gunnery skills. While the gunnery is a bit less important in this post, its worth bragging about. Since I joined The Tuskers, I have almost exclusively flown frigates. For good reasons though. Being flashy leads to getting blobbed quite often. By flying frigates, the loss is minimal when this happens.

Suleiman Shouaa flies battlecruisers a lot. I am amazed by some of the things he pulls off in them. He was my main inspiration for trying them in solo pvp. Prometheus Exenthal also played a part. His videos are nothing short of epic and shows what one man can do vs. many.

I dived right in. Grabbed a Myrmidon, found a good looking fit and went looking for targets. First one was a Cyclone that engaged me on station. I dispatched his quite nicely tanked battlecrusier fairly quickly. During the fight a carrier undocked and had their drones on me. I was able to tank the drones long enough to dock after killing the Cyclone.

I was sold.

So I did the frigate thing a bit more and finally decided to get the Myrm out again when I seen another Cyclone on a gate. I make my way back to where I seen him and he engages. It was a furious fight to the death! My Myrmidon coming out on top again.

Again, a few days of frigates then when watching one of Prometheus Exenthal's videos (Do It Alone Coward), I got the notion of hopping into nullsec in the Myrm to see what kind of trouble I could stir up. At first it was quite uneventful. Only a Rapier sitting in a POS.

Then I see it. The ultimate test. A Sleipnir. He was sitting at a planet, I landed right on top of him, perfect! I popped a Standard Exile Booster and got point on his shiny ship. This is perhaps the longest solo fight I have ever been in At first I was worried that i might not be able to break his beastly tank but once he was around half shields while actively boosting, and I never even popped a cap booster yet, I had the feeling it would turn out in my favor. My drones were ripping into his shields with an unholy ferocity. Autocannons blazing, casting strange shadows on our ships from muzzle flares. Very slowly he lost armor then into structure. All the while my tank still holding perfectly.

There was a blinding blue explosion and my Myrmidon was still fully operational. I had overcome this beast!

I hope this is a good sign. As I will be flying battlecruisers much more often, now that I have seen what they can do. One thing I have learned is, don't knock it until you have tried it.


Miura Bull said...

Great stuff! I've got aMyrm up in Molden Heath that I'm itching to use, just haven't got aroubd to it yet. :)


Suleiman Shouaa said...

Great read!

Train BC V ASAP for moer tank!

qanzark said...

Just found your blog today, Thoroughly enjoying your writing style. The post here in specific makes me excited to be a Gallente pilot.

My only two questions, being I'm looking at maxing out my own drone skills soon, 4mil in drone skills ATM. What do you consider maxed out? all the drone spec skills to lvl5? sentries to lvl5? drone defense lvl5?
plus what about the gunnery skills maxed?

Just curious as a care bearing newbie starting a life of PVP, finally.

Keep posting. love the crew mates, AURA.

Causticum said...

Very nice read Anx!

Anonymous said...


Drone skills maxed meaning all the spec skills to 4 and all the supports to 5. At this point all drones do max damage other than that last 2% from the spec skill. This allows the injection of Fighters and when the day comes that I need a carrier, my drones will be seriously pwning.

same with the gunnery skills. specs to 4 and all other support skills to 5. Such as TA V, Surgical Strike V, Rapid Fire V, Controlled Burst V... etc.

I dont include race/size specific gun skills when saying that. Like I cannot use lasers at all ATM, and only have Large Hybrid 4.

qanzark said...

Perfect thanks. That gives me an idea of what you have done. Always good to figure out if I'm on the right path or not.