Tuesday, November 2, 2010

When ganks go horribly wrong

It's been a crazy week. Been losing expensive ships too often it seems. I'll give any reader that cares or is remotely interested a run down of this weeks solo events. But first - a corp mate pointed me to a Vagabond guide. It is very well done and highly recommended reading for a new Vaga Pilot.

So I finally decided to buy some Vagabonds. This ship pisses more people off than George W. Bush. Simply because of its fighting style. So before I lost both ships (yes both, in the same day as fitting them up) I made sure to ruin a few peoples day. Got some nice gang kills with it, got a Vulture, and Megathron and a few other various kills with the first one before dying at a gate camp with Rapier and Malediction.

Hindsight is 20/20 they say, I could have at least killed the Rapier if i was thinking properly. I tried to burn away from the gate instead of toward the Rapier. I was shooting the Rapier and by the time i got out of gun range he was low shields, easy kill and possible escape, but I was in a panic. First Vagabond loss here

The second Vagabond was lost in a similar way. I spotted a large gang gate camping and I was lucky to get away do to the distance I uncloaked from them after jumping through a stargate. So I decided to go around the long scary way, through highsec. The trip went great with the navy unable to catch my nimble Heavy Assault Ship. 2 jumps into lowsec I jumped into another gate camp and was insta-popped as soon as I decloaked.
At least  I got some solo kills with the second one before I died, back to some cheaper ships for sure now. Second Vagabond loss here

I grabbed a Jaguar and went roaming I eventually came across an Ishkur sitting on station and he seemed to want to play. There was also a Crow with him. I was hoping to get the Ishkur by himself but it didn't turn out like that. I seen the Crow warp off to a belt and come back to get point on me. So ok I thought lets see where this goes.

The Crow lands close by and quickly gets point on me and the Ishkur makes his way over and puts his drones on me while tracking disrupting me. While a tracking disruptor might work on noobs... well as you all know, i'm not quite a noob anymore. I started killing his drones while the Crow shot me with rockets and held point. The ishkur pilot was so skittish he just ran off and left his drones and his Crow friend behind. Now it was a 1v1 with the Crow and I quickly got in scram/web range and popped his noob self.

This was a new high in my pvp carrer, 2v1 and I prevailed. What could be better I thought. Until yesterday morning.....

I was in my trusty Ishkur and seen a Jaguar on scan. Obviously looking for targets. I sat in a belt and waited... It didn't take long and he landed right on top of me. We start brawling and 2 of his alliance mates came in system. At first I didn't see anything and the Jaguar was in deep structure at this point, right then a Dramiel and Jaguar landed right on top of me! My first though is "I'm dead, might as well just give up". However the first Jaguar popped and the Dramiel was still sitting only 5km from me! What luck! I quickly scram/web and put my drones on the dramiel and he almost insta-popped! The last jaguar was in range also, I tackled him and attempted to out DPS him. It was actually working until I hit the "approach" button trying to kill him faster but of course it makes me take more damage also and I died... but the Jaguar was at half structure.

It was such a good fight that the alliance who attacked me made a huge deal about it on their killboard and I had corp mates giving me congrats all day long! 3v1 and although technically I died, I destroyed almost 5x my ship value in the fight thanks to the fail fit Dramiel, definitely a win in my book.

This has to be the best fight I have ever gotten into. Here is the battle report with a link to the page.

I have another one to share but it was not near as exciting for me. It was a 3v1 and I killed one guy before I died. Instead i'll just link the KM for you - Taranis Kill

Thanks for reading. If I have learned anything this past week is that gank can go in anybody's favor. Get out there and get to killin!

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