Wednesday, October 27, 2010

RTFM - PVP Guides

Here are 3 guides that is great for any EVE Online player who PVPs or wants to start.

First up is Wensley's New Rifter Guide. Its a complete guide to being a Rifter pilot. Its more of a newbie guide but he does go into some advanced combat mechanics. Its definitely worth a read. It includes some ship fittings and various uses of the Rifter along with explanations on how tracking, optimal and falloff work.

Next is a PVP implant guide, hosted at Ten Ton Hammer. A good friend pointed this one out to me and it made me think differently of the hardwiring implants. It showcases some of the better and cheaper implants you can use. After reading this, I want to get a few different sets to keep around, especially gunnery ones, a tracking bonus implant would be an excellent addition to any turreted frigate pilot.

This one is a more general survival guide but by no means to be missed out on. Piloting Savviness by 00sage00. Excellent guide on general tactics. This is a must read by everyone. I won't go into details but it will help you avoid getting blobbed, how to choose targets and general combat techniques.

Enjoy, all are great guides and hopefully you will learn something new ( I know I did ).

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