Friday, December 3, 2010

Fall of a Titan

Sorry for the lack of updates. Just not much to write about these days. Until today that is...

So I was hunting around in Aeschee with my rifter.

I was sitting in a scan spot and seen an itty I at a customs office ripe for the pickings. So i quickly got into warp and suddenly a vagabond is there too. I started thinking, "hmm I wonder if I im setup properly..." So after a quick pre-battle check, I landed 10km from the itty AND the vagabond.

I quickly closed in on the vaga in a tight orbit and opened fire. His warrior IIs were tearing into my structure. Luckly my damage control team was working overtime and they quickly reduced the amount of damage i was taking until I finally destroyed all of his drones.

I opened coms with the pilot to negotiate terms of his surrender:

Anxiir > eject from the ship
thecrate > Er
thecrate > That's a bit daft. I'd rather the comedy lossmail
Anxiir > hehe ok
thecrate > Unless you want cash?
Anxiir > i would rather just have the ship
thecrate > Well yeah but I'd give you less cash and live
Anxiir > how much?
thecrate > 50m?
thecrate > This is my ancient Vaga from way back

Not want I want to hear so I continue:

Anxiir > lets go for the mail
thecrate > haha okay

I quickly eat through his armor then into structure. At about 25% structure left:

Anxiir > last chance eject or die
thecrate > okay
thecrate > Why not
thecrate > I say that because I just remembered I have talismans in

At this point he ejects from the vagabond and warps off. I quickly shutdown the heavily wounded rifter and hop into the Vagabond and warp to a safe spot.

Anxiir > thanks
thecrate > And if I lag and get podded
thecrate > I'd die of shame
Anxiir > that is epic dude
Anxiir > i just completed my entire goal in eve
thecrate > Yeah I'm an idiot and didn't repair my guns before leaving
thecrate > Notice the DPS drop? I reloaded, fired a shot with heat and burned them out
thecrate > I am such a retard
Anxiir > there is a rifter at the customs office
thecrate > Yeah I guess you don't need it anymore :p
thecrate > If you screenshot it, could you give me the link so I can post it to my corpmates
Anxiir > haha
thecrate > Seriously that was so embarrassing but I can't help but laugh
Anxiir > wow i cant belive that just happened
thecrate > "Gonna load EMP and fuck this-wait, oh god my guns"
Anxiir > its like i won the lottery dude
thecrate > Yeah, that was pretty awesome
Anxiir > im sorry tho. but it seriuously was my goal in eve
Anxiir > to do that
Anxiir > i seen garmon kill a vaga in his movie
thecrate > Jesus, don't be, I've done similar shit, it's an awesome thing
Anxiir > with a ranis
Anxiir > i seen that itty there tho
thecrate > That was a well fit Rifter and you capitalized on my retarded newbie mistake. Not checking shit was repaired and then not bringing paste? Idiocy
Anxiir > well i knew if i could scram ya, you would be done
Anxiir > i had nos
thecrate > Not the rigs, I haven't flown that thing since rigs first came out and apparently I'm terrible at remembering to fix shit up
thecrate > Normally I fit a neut
thecrate > But apparently on this one I decided to roll with a HML
Anxiir > ya. thats why i got NOS on it. cause everybody neuts

So now i'm the proud owner of a secondhand vagabond. Needs some extensive repairs but it will be cheap when I attach some reps to it.

I'm just so excited that I have finally achieved my goal, to get a vagabond through pirating, by forcing the pilot to eject. Here is a nice screenshot for everybody to see.

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