Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Tuskers

I joined The Tuskers yesterday. What a glorious day! I hung out in their public channel for a while talking to the guys and eventually put an application in.

Not much to say other than these guys have to be the most respectful and skilled group of pilots I have ever met. They hold to a higher standard than most pirate corps and this I think is what lead me in their direction, oh and a movie I watched from a Tusker member - Issamailkin. KA2 Sebestior Warrior - Not the best movie ever but some good fights and high quality.

So its now my second day in The Tuskers, went from -0.91 to -3.4 already (pods FTL). But let me say I'm loving every second of it. This corp really fits my play style and personality I think. Its still early so time will tell.

Last night just before bed I was just roaming around in my Ishkur and seen a Jaguar on scan. If you have read my previous post, I usually get lucky and fail fitted ones engage me, this was no different.

I scanned him down to a planet. I was really hoping he was there and sure enough he was about 20km away when I landed. I expected him to run when he seen me but nope, he charged me and engaged. I put my flight of Hobgoblin IIs on him and webbed/scrammed his ship. I was well within blaster range so I overloaded my blasters and attempted to out DPS him. His tank held for a good bit really, but I was only half armor when his shields dropped and he exploded seconds later.

I said "GF" in local and proceeded to loot the wreck. To my suprise he was carrying a small faction shield booster. I was like "....huh?... did he actually have that fitted". After looking at the killmail, sure enough he did. This marks the first time I have ever gotten a faction item from a victim and my first day in The Tuskers. So overall it was a great day with lots of fights and few losses.

Jaguar Killmail

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