Monday, October 4, 2010

Suddenly - Carebears, Hundreds Of Them!

I must have changed the title and content of this post like 5 times now. Don't really have anything worthwhile to post about.

I have ended my WH op on a good note. Took down the tower and removed everything with no trouble. Bought GTCs with the profits so my accounts are good up until next year.

With this free time now (since I'm not in dire need of PLEX), I have been picking back up on pirating activities. I have about 200 million in my wallet and a rupture to start off with. I had an Ishkur but that got killed by a Dramiel, but that taught me a lessen - USE CHEAPER SHIPS! Anyway I quickly found my sec status in the negative just from killing two pods when they refused to pay the ransom.

So I go back to my highsec home to kill a few belt rats to help out a bit and suddenly people are running away when I land in belts and screaming in local "We got a pirate here! Hide your jet cans!" or something like that. The funny part is that I'm only at -0.15.

This brings me to the first point I wanted to make. There has been a lot of discussion about how to get more people into lowsec. If people are running and screaming from a pirate with -0.15 in HIGHSEC, what could anybody possibly do to get these people to venture into Lowsec? The answer, sadly is nothing short of a blob as backup. Just saying.

The latest patch... Let me talk about that for a second and see if you can guess what I'm going to say.

Patch day - one of the most dreaded events to the EVE player base and for good reason. Normally they are full of showstopper bugs, and most people will put in a very long training skill until most the bugs are ironed out. This patch was no different.

Now I could bash CCP for even releasing this when the bugs are very obvious on the test server. No joke. I mean you login and your greeted with bugs and somehow they managed to not notice them wtf CCP. But on the other hand CCP apparently has a small staff and nobody reports bugs on the test server, so they go live unfixed.

The blame is not only on CCP, but YOU also if you play on the test server.

BTW a Jaguar with an afterburner is hard to hit with 425mm autos even when its webbed....

I think i'll jump on with the EVE Blog Banter to have better topics to talk about. Until next time.

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