Thursday, September 23, 2010

Victoria & The Wormhole

Wormholes... ewwww

That was general reaction when somebody would mention it to me. But lately I have been really looking into the mechanics of WH space to the point where I wanted to move into one for a while.

First thing I tried to get the hang of it was join a WH corp. This corp seemed promising at first. They would teach you the ins and outs of WH life. They lived in a class 2, with static class 4 and highsec exits.

Ok so I say screw it and join up, less than a day later I left - Why you ask? It was a typical highsec do nothing corp. I was actually told to go do missions while they raided the new C4 hole that popped up - I don't think so. Long story short, I left as quickly as possible. I should have stayed long enough to yoink some loot but meh, not really worth it.

So I searched high and low for an empty class 2 WH to move into. After about of week of constant scanning I finally found one! its a Class 2 with static exits to another C2 and lowsec. It is loaded with anomalies and sigs and the only sign of people was an offline POS that after some extensive research belonged to a long gone 2 man corp.

So I quickly gathered my things and bought a small POS and defenses, along with only 5 days of fuel, a corp hanger and ship maintenance array. I ninja'ed my alt though lowsec carrying a POS and fuel in a Mammoth class industrial. Talk about a scary mission.

I setup the POS as quickly as possible... but wait there was a problem! The shields would not come up! So after about 15mins of messing around I put in the password for the shields and lo' and behold, they popped up FINALLY! Victoria is alive and kicking and now has plenty of fuel.

At this point my wallet was looking pretty sickly. The POS was only around 100 million ISK total. I also needed ships and modules and lots and lots of ammo. After all that, it cost about 350mil to setup and move in. I had about 300mil left in my wallet at this time, so if i was to be attacked by a force to reinforce my POS I would be totally screwed.

Now some people would ask why I would take such a risk. Or maybe just call me a nub for picking a class 2. Well I got answers for both.

1. Risk - with risk comes reward, assuming your not killed before you see that reward. My reward? ISK. Lots of ISK. I love ISK.

2. Why the Class 2? - To be honest I cannot do class 3 sites with me and my alt in Battlecruisers. I have them passive shielded tanked ATM, and even some class 2 sites chew through our shields quite easily.

So I guess its been about a week now of running sites and salvaging. Went from 300mil to just over 1billion ISK (I said I love ISK). That is about 700mil made casually running anomalies over a few days, and after fuel for the POS - in a class 2. Could you imagine what the money must be like in a class 4, or even a class 6?

So far nobody has came into my system, and I take great care not to activate the exits unless I really need them. Unfortunately i'm starting to run out of sites to do. I have about 15 anomalies left and I already ran the radar/mag sites.

Just thought I would share what I have been up to. Leave a comment on what you think about wormholes in EVE Online.

Thanks for reading.

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