Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Still Up For Grabs

The lack of content on this blog is amazing, and yet people still visit. I don't get it. Whatever I guess.

A few things happened recently the most obvious thing is that I left Black Rebel Rifter Club without notice. I have been drinking a lot more than normal recently and ended up being stupid in corp chat. Instead of apologizing for my actions when I'm not sorry about what I may have said or did I just left corp instead. As far as I know, this isn't a "family friendly" corp. After most people appeared offended I just took my leave. Its really that simple, no arguments or smacktalk going on.

The second notable thing is how bad the AC thrasher is solo. I was really hoping to get some decent FRAPS but it never worked out. After losing about 5 or so I just sold the rest and bought some PLEX for my accounts. The Kestrel on the other hand is very good for solo work. I think its due to people underestimating it, much like the Atron in this regard. With no web it requires quick adaptation but it puts out significant DPS with a very solid tank.

Now a plug for somebody I have never even heard of but found this while surfing through blogs (yep you can surf blogs, so many links to follow! Look I even added new blogs to the blog list.)

Short and sweet. Its about 7 minutes long and to the point. I recommend downloading it instead of watching on YouTube so you can actually see what is going on and watch it again later without wasting bandwidth.

Watch it then leave a comment in the FHC thread, NAOW!

Lastly I have been doing a lot of carebearing since leaving corp. Yesterday I decided to do the Gallente epic mission arc. It took a while but I think it was worth it. Took about a day and produced 200 million ISK in mission rewards and bountys. The reward at the end is either a Syndicate Cloaking Device or a Black Eagle Drone Link Agumentor. I chose the Drone Link (and Gallente standings) because it seems like it would be an easier sell. They are both worth about 200 million each. Putting the reward at 400 million for a days work, not bad. The main thing I didn't like about this was that near the end, the rats don't have bounties or tags. The mission reward usually makes up for it however. Such as one where you need to kill around 20 battleship rats and kill a station gives a 30 million ISK reward, so its very similar to running a good mission.

The Tengu handled this fairly easily. Only one mission gave me a scare. Almost enough to warp out but even then it tanked fine after taking down a few of the battleships. The mission is "Showtime". The incoming DPS is extremely high. More than "Smash the Supplier" if you have ever attempted that. But overall it was worth the effort.

My eve future is uncertain at this moment. Don't want to join a new corp, kinda want to move into a wormhole or maybe research some BPOs. Or maybe even move out to NPC nullsec. I just don't know, but something will eventually happen.


Kaeda Maxwell said...

Hey Anx, I for one was sorry to see you gone from r1fta. Don't really think you offended anybody to badly tbh except for the leaving without a word thing (nobody said anything to me at least). And god no we're not family friendly we're one inch short of linking outright porn quite regularly...

Hopefully you'll stick around in "The Autocannon" and I'll chat to you there. Have fun in whatever ventures you decide to set out on next.

Sard Caid said...

I'm not sure how many hours a "day's" work is, but running missions in lowsec easily produces 150mil+ an hour if you blitz for LP rewards. Profit margin shoots higher if you use buy orders to pick up tags.

This is how I built a dozen or so bill over the few weeks before crucible.

Anxiir said...

I was doing missions for Sisters of Eve. Blitzed them and got sisters launchers. But they got a stealth nerf with the expansion. the T2 launchers have the same stats, but a bit more fitting requirements.

What resulted is not a drop in price yet. But a lack of sales. I can't even shift my stock for 30m each, that's usually cheapest on market. Thats 20m profit per 3 missions.

I'm so sick of missions though. Thats why i'm considering going into a wormhole again. but that is super boring alone but the ISK is great. I still have to research those fuel block BPOs =/ so much to do.

Lady Spank said...

Mate, I drink a considerable amount too and understand how it can get the better of you. Hope you can keep that under control as best you can, especially if you have a family. I hope not to sound preachy here but I just wanted to say I know where you are coming from.

Secondly, and on a lighter note I guess. AC thrashers... I've had some fun in these recently although arty thrashers are generally far more successful. Check some of my recent losses and kills if you want to know more. If you want to chat about it just catch me online or send me a PM or something. I'm relatively new to them but have flown them at least since before the recent changes and a little since. DC tank best tank. Seriously good, maybe you are just going for the wrong targets or having a string of bad luck? It happens you know?

I tend to view them as 9m isk death traps that either work, or assplode gloriously.

Keep it real mate.

Lady Spank said...

oh also, after reading comments... CCP have stated that sisters launchers are in mind for a buff of some sort or other so if you have the capital to hold you over you might want to hold on to any stock you currently have as they could only improve in value over time.

the sisters probe implants arent a bad little turnover anyway if you are doing sisters missions.

Lady Spank said...

talking of drunk this 3x posting reminds me of that scene in swingers where the guy calls up the girl several times and blows it but what of it...

recent kills in an arty thrasher...


keep it up because it works brilliantly!