Thursday, November 3, 2011

Not Quite Dead.

Oh hai! I haven't forgotten about the blog.

I was hoping something good would happen since the production of my last video, unfortunately nothing has.

Some small events since my last post:

Left Black Rebel Rifter Club for a corp in GENTS (Gentlemens Agreement) - Turned out to be a waste of time for me. Unable to carebear effectively due to the complete lack of competent intel. It got to the point where I only logged in to change skills for about 2 months.

Now I rejoined Black Rebel Rifter Club and still bored out of my mind. Pirating just isn't appealing to me ATM. However it's nice to be around friends again and the corp was very welcoming.

I was having a discussion with a buddy of mine about mission runners, it wasn't the real topic of the conversation but I said something like "There is more to Eve than mission running". Later I was telling him how bored of Eve I was, he said something like "There is more to Eve than shooting people". So true. So right now I'm running missions to get the cash for a few PLEX, since they are super expensive ATM this could take a while (450m each at the time of this writing). I don't mind doing this for now. its easy ISK and beats the hell out of mining. Just doing missions the past 2 days has produced about 500m, that's just loot/salvage and mission rewards. I still have a ton of LP yet to sell.

After I get ahead on game time we shall see what road I take. Some ideas include, moving to NPC nullsec with Anxiir and my alt and live, setup in a WH again, build up my alt corp to make ISK from the members (I've actually been wanting to do this) or perhaps make a living exclusively in lowsec.

Whatever I decide to do, hopefully it keeps me interested in Eve Online for a very long time.

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Kaeda Maxwell said...

Have you considered having a go at the Pirate EPIC arcs and the COSMOS stuff?
It's quite fun once you dig in and some rarely done content there. Can be quite profitable too to boot.

Have a look @ if you're interested;,8393.0.html