Sunday, July 17, 2011

Highly Addictive 2 - Rifter Genocide Edition

Run time: 7:04
Format: MKV
Desc: Tristan, Raptor Solo
Resolution: 1680x1050
Size: 167MB
Track List:
  • Champion Sound - Fatboy Slim
  • Evil Things - Tenpenny Joke
Took a long time to gather the FRAPS for this. Tried to get some decent fights, all I found were Rifters. I kept this one short also, nobody wants to watch 30mins of 2 ships. In the credits, it says I used Super ©. I actually used Handbrake. This was a last minute change and the quality difference is amazing AND it produced a smaller file, go figure. Just too much effort to re-render the entire thing for that change.

Enjoy the short film, brownie points for knowing what the quote at the end of the movie is from.

If you need a player for MKV files, the easiest way is to install a full featured media player such as VLC Media Player.

VLC is free and open source and plays nearly every format. I like it because it plays MKVs flawlessly without the need to install a third party codec pack.


Miura Bull said...

This is fantastic! Great video, mate. Though your endless destruction of the Rifter worries me somewhat :p


Orson said...

His endless destruction of a Rifter worries me a lot, have you seen our kill board lately?

Anonymous said...

Giving hope to fat man pilots the world over.