Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Horrible Users

During downtime today, a new patch was released. The normal downtime was extended by 2 hours. Now not many people look forward to patch days. But today was special. Many bugs that were introduced from rewriting the Eve user interface has been fixed, YAY!

However my enthusiasm is not shared it seems. And this occurs every single time the server is down for more than a few minutes past the regularly scheduled downtime.

There is a small, I stress SMALL portion of users that feel the need to whine and cry and threaten to cancel their accounts. It never fails, even for a downtime extended by a mere 15 minutes. Now I can understand that its prime time somewhere during these times. These users may feel cheated, yes. But as for demanding reimbursement in any form, no. Lets look at some reasons why I believe this.

1. Your skills continue to train, any arguments of lost training is invalid.
2. Your industry and research continue through downtime.
3. The extended downtimes are announced at least 12 hours in advance.
4. Whether you think so or not, CCP is actually fixing critical bugs, managing a gigantic database and keeping the servers running. Things go wrong sometimes.

The part that kills me is that CCP is catering to this small group of people who feel the need to spam the forums during patch deployment, spouting so many tears that anybody who would be interested in playing Eve would be instantly put off and they would go to WoW.

Since when do 30 people crying on the forum represent the entire Eve player base? Why does CCP seek to make game changing decisions based on one guy threatening to cancel his noob account because he cant go mining in his Velator?

Not a very good post but I honestly have nothing but questions. But I'll leave you with a vid all you readers know. I actually posted this early in the waterfall of tears and it didn't start to get "liked" (quoted) until around page 6 and people started shutting the hell up finally.

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Sard Caid said...

Hi dood!

The only problem I have is that CCP releases the 1.6 patch, which is so FUBAR'd that the playerbase should really beg the question whether QA ever occurs.

Beyond that, CCP has done a decent job of releasing content that doesn't completely fuck up working features.