Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Eve Online - The Musical

Ok so somebody was nice and didnt like that I took down the blog.

Ratting up your sec status is not fun. Although it was a lot easier this time around as i was only -5.5. To help pass the time I decided to go check out some new music - Dubstep. This is a genre I know next to nothing about so I jumped right in. I'm a fan of Heavy Metal, Death/Black Metal. I like Rap and Rock and Classical - ya it sounds real weird i know.

I found the heaviest stuff I could right off the bat and was surprised at what I found. A lot of it is GOOD! Really good!

This is the kind of music to PVP to. I purchased a few albums and single tracks for my listening pleasure after only 2 days of Youtube.

I recommend turning up your speakers/headphones and listening to this if you into heavy/hard metal/rock. I liked it right away but im sure many of you won't enjoy. Anyway here is a short lineup. If you like any of these I def recommend checking out the genre in greater detail. There is also a lot more chill types if this is too heavy. Deadmau5 is a good one as example.


Ry Legit - Buzz Lightyear

Cookie Monsta - Ginger Pubes

Dodge & Fuski - Guetta-Step


Duke Thunderhorse said...

Hey Anxiir, thanks for the music suggestion. I'm about to embark in a lengthy mind numbing sec status rat up extravaganza so these tunes will be helpful.

If you haven't already, check out Bassnectar. They have some cool mashups with bands like Metalica and Deftones.

Anxiir said...

Yup! I really enjoyed that one you posted a while back "Bass Head" its pretty good too.

Def some good tunes to be found on Youtube if you don't wanna buy the albums.