Tuesday, September 14, 2010

YaY PvP!

I have been doing a bit of roaming in lowsec between missions, and raising Hell in general.

First up is a very good fight I got into after I stole from a miners wreck in highsec. He ran and docked right away. I thought he was going to stay docked until the aggro timer expired but I waited in the belt. I soon received word that he had undocked in a Thorax and was warping to me. "Excellent!", I thought, as I have been wanting to test the Rifter vs a Thorax.

He lands about 20km away and locks me immediately. I get in range and start doing some ninja moves in front of him until he opened fire at my fragile little frigate. Surprise, he was doing no damage at 8km. I quickly dispatched his flight of Hobgoblin I's and killed his second flight of them also.

By this time I was starting to sustain hull breaches and flames were rapidly spreading across multiple decks. luckily my damage control team quickly sealed off the effected areas. Now with no drones left he was a sitting duck, his medium sized blasters couldn't touch me at 8km - indicating he was probably not very skilled with guns. I entered a closer orbit of 5km and ordered my gunnery crew to load some Republic Fleet Fusion rounds into my 150mm autocannons. Very slowly I chipped away his armor, while maintaining a high transversal. He never opened coms to negotiate a surrender, so I continued firing until this mighty cruiser class vessel exploded from massive structural damage.

I offered up a "GF m8" in local but got no response.

Later a friend of mine showed up near my home system, he was in the pirating mood and so was I, so we set off roaming for near an hour and a half with no targets. We finally come across 2 pirates looking for an easy gank. He yells that he has found them and reports what belt. I warp to the belt at zero, hoping the pirates will be sitting there.

As I exited the warp tunnel I was greeted by a Rupture and Arbitrator class cruisers. I was right on top of the Rupture but the Arbitrator was chasing my friend as was about 60km away. I quickly distrupt the Ruptures warpdrive and unleashed everything i had at him. He was heavily tanked and it took a while to demolish his armor plating. My friend was now over 150km away and warped back to me and got in on the action. His Comet does excellent DPS and the rupture died very quickly.

Now I turned my attention to the Arbitrator as he was now about 30km away. I turn on my microwarp drive in an attempt to catch him, but he was faster. I inform my engineering crew to overload the MWD a few cycles in an attempt to catch up. It worked and soon I was close enough to engage my warp disruptor. Gunnery had already loaded up Barrage long range ammo and my six 425mm autocannons quickly shredded his ship, he was taking massive structual damage, but something was wrong. Aura informed me "The capacitor is empty" and my warp disruptor deactivated and the Arbitrator was able to enter warp at less than 10% structure remaining.

It was a great fight and it made me love the nano Hurricane even more. Such speed and ferocity, combined with an excellent shield tank makes this one of my favorite Battlecruiser class ships

Ok one more, because I like telling about how fights happen.

I was roaming lowsec and came across a hauler spawn. For anybody who don't know. Hauler rats carry random minerals and sometimes mining laser upgrades, some that can sell for upwards of 400mill each!

I started to kill the rats in my rifter when I pick up a Jaguar class assault frigate on scan. Flown properly a Jaguar can quickly dispatch any tech 1 frigate, however I did a quick lookup and seen he was relatively new to New Eden. So I waited, I seen he was checking the belts looking for an easy gank.

He lands in the belt about 40km away from me. I approach him and he turns on his afterburner to quickly close the gap. He starts orbiting me at about 20km and activates a disruptor, this in itself gave me an advantage as I could still use my MWD. He was very fast but he could not hit me.

I did some advanced maneuvers and got into scramble and web range while my crew were losing their lunches due to the effects of the inertia compensators built into every ship.

I had him trapped at 8km and he did very little damage to me. However there were still some Archangel cruisers nearby and they open fire on both of us. 3 of them shot at me while 1 shot at him. I quickly broke his extremely weak shield buffer and was working on his structure. we were about even at this time. I was taking structure damage from the rats. Unfortunately I died first, before I could warp he was able to target me and use his warp disruptor on my defenseless pod. Less than a second later he exploded as well due to the rat fire. So there we were both sitting in our pods.

Now lets analyze this a bit. if you look at both mails you will see I took a lot more damage from the rats. If they weren't there, I would have clearly won. if they all aggroed me he would have won. Overall it was a great fight. Since he attacked me, he couldn't reship right away, so I got another frigate and looted both wrecks, NOW WHO'S THE WINNER!

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